Lev Hides's central location allows for the processing of hides shortly after slaughter. Hides are checked and selected by quality, class and category, and are then trimmed and  flashed freezed at 3 Degrees Celsius.

Lev hides' hides mainly contains red & white bulls and black/white bull hides. The hides are mechanically pulled-off, leaving minimum damages on the hides during take-off. The animals originated from Northwest- and Central-European regions; a perfect base regarding vegetation, climatic conditions combined with the innovative accommodations the animals live in; guaranteeing high-quality hides without brands, with minimum insect damages, scratches, warts and other defects.

Due to our many years of relationship with abattoirs, together with our hidestrack- & trace system, we are able to offer a guarantee of continuous supply of high-quality hides. This way we can, in case of damage problems, notice instantly where the hide is coming from, so the needed feedback can be provided and the high quality can be sustained.

Lev Hides understands the paramount importance of high quality hides for high quality leather. Our standard operating procedure, based on over 100 years of experience, enables us to guarantee the exact same quality, in accordance with the wanted class and selection, order after order again. 

Lev Hides, your hides supplier, if quality is required!


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