A family company

In 2019 The De Leeuw family founded Lev Hides s.r.o. The former company Prime Hide s.r.o. went bankrupt and De Leeuw took this opportunity to establish a wholesale with high quality hides in this new area. Lev Hides focuses on high quality bull- and cow hides as well as calfskins. Due to the strategic location of Lev Hides s.r.ol, it is able to process the hides shortly after slaughter. This way a constant high quality of hides is guaranteed.

The mother company of Lev hides s.r.o. is De Leeuw N.V., with its registered seat in the middle of The Netherlands. The wholesale of hides in The Netherlands focuses on prime quality of hides from big meat works in Western-Europe.

Due to our innovatively arranged production process and our flexible team, Lev Hides can turn every wish into the right order; quality- and pricewise. Our goal is to maintain a long-term relationship with our suppliers and our customers. We attain this by having sustainable longterm suppliers, by listening to the customer, by getting to know the final product(s) and by modifying the right product(s), in order to attune these wishes. 

Through every chain and department in the company you see devoted people working together with as collective goal: getting better every day.

Lev hides’ hides are characterized by high-quality mainly red and white hides. With over 100 years of experience we know how to make the perfect selection of hides that meets and exceeds customers’ requirements. 

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